Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Look

I think an important aspect to blogging is the look of the blog.  I've been playing around with my look for a long time.  You've noticed I've changed the format, added a picture banner (yes I know it's stretched, I wanted it that way), and I've been adding some Ads to try and generate some revenue (without much success.)  

But I'm never quite sure if it's the look I'm looking for.  I've given others feedback when I've noticed them playing with their layouts, so I'm asking the same for you.  What do you think?

I could add purple as the dominant color as it is my favorite, but I think I like the orange.  The problem is, two of my favorite sites already have pink, orange, or purple as their dominate colors.  Too bad there wasn't a tie-dye feature.  If there are any geniuses out there, can you work on that for me.  Thanks.
Anways, let me know what you think.

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