Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Etsy Gift Cards!

Did you know Etsy now has gift cards?  This is FABULOUS gift giving news!

Better news is that The Pink Woobie is set up to receive said gift cards!  If you are interested in giving a card to a loved one, head on over to here and check them out!   Also, if you purchase a gift card before November 14th you'll be entered to win a $250 gift card for yourself!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Featured Creation: Teething Necklaces

Last week a friend put out a request on facebook for teething necklaces for her growing baby.  I loved the idea and took up the task.  This is what I came up with and they are now available in my shop!

Made from 100% cotton and unfinished wooden beads I find that they are perfect for little hands and mouths.

I think they will make great gifts, or a perfect treat for mom to spiffy up your outfit without worrying about baby.

 I will be adding different designs after I place an order for more supplies.

There are lots of ideas going on in my head for creations lately, so keep a lookout for more postings!

Monday, October 08, 2012

Featured Creation: Children's Pumpkin Beanie

In the next few weeks I will be posting all kinds of items for fall in my Etsy shop.  Wanted to get this one up as soon as possible.

I LOVE this pumpkin beanie, perfect for hay rides, or a Halloween costume.  It's also a great price.  Hop on over to my SHOP to check it out!

Made from acrylic yarn it's durable and important for kids WASHABLE!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Game Day Necklace- I Found it on Pinterest

The purpose of the "I Found it on Pinterest" series is to encourage you to try new projects, exercises, or techniques you've never tried before.  Take a chance, learn something new!

I decided to share my most recent Pinterest  project with you at just the right time.  The Ohio State University Buckeyes are getting ready to take the field against the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  Good thing I have my awesome ribbon Game Day Necklace handy!

This necklace tutorial comes from Moore Babies and was a super fun project!

Here are my notes on this tutorial and my experience:

  • I used satin ribbon and it was SUPER slippery, it took awhile to get the hang of holding onto the ribbon, beads, and thread all at once.
  • I totally suggest measuring and marking your ribbon before threading your beads.  I attempted to just eyeball or wrap the ribbon around the bead to thread, but it made it particularly difficult because of the slipperiness and it came out much better when I measured.
  • I used a jewelry clasp that I had on hand so that I didn't have to slip it over my head, but I end up doing that anyway, it's long enough even though I didn't use the full length called for in the tutorial.
I think this necklace is super classy and a way to show team spirit without a necklace of large Buckeyes clacking around your neck.  Hope you enjoy and give it a chance.  What are your team colors?

Friday, October 05, 2012


A celtic cabled hat that I've been working on.
So I have a cold, and I haven't blogged in two weeks.  The cold came upon me earlier this week.  Before that I was experiencing some stress that really isn't important, but kept me distracted and made me not feel well.

Last Monday as I was lining up shots for Etsy products and blog posts, I dropped my camera.  It ended up being repairable, but about 12 hours of stress took it's toll on my body.  The rest of the week I focused on resting up as friends of ours got married over the weekend.  I was in pretty good health and had a wonderful time at the wedding.

By the time I recovered from wedding festivities I came down with a cold, almost right in the middle of planning this weeks blog posts.  I was at the coffee shop and everything, had my computer, was drinking my latte and chatting with a friend.  Then BAM I felt horrible.  I retreated to my bed immediately where I spent the next 48 hours.

Now I'm experiencing a little of the manic phase I talk about here.  I haven't slept so I really don't have the mental faculties for Links, Likes, and Love or any other kind of post.  But thought I should update and say howdy.

This is life with chronic illness, and I just try to take it as it comes.