Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I might be dumb

There is quite a list of blogs that I read weekly if not daily. And I would LOVE to be one of those people who wrote all the time and had a faithful readership. It probably won't happen, at least until I'm done with my degree, but it doesn't mean that more people shouldn't read my blog. The only problem is that I don't understand how to do that? Any suggestions?

In Full Swing

Life here in Ohio is in full swing with little time for leisures like blogging. I finished my third week of school and feel proud that I have made it through and am not behind in any of my classes. I've figured out that to graduate with my MDiv with a specialization in Christian Education I will need to attend for four more semesters after this fall. I will be done with my graduate education in December of 2009. Now, I only have to figure out what happens next.

In the meantime, I got a job as a part time nanny for two amazing children. They are smart and full of love which makes going to work a real joy.
I am also interning at Terra Nova this year, I will be experiencing many aspects of the church and am really looking forward to learning more and contributing to the wonderful community that is Terra Nova.

The last few weeks I have really come to enjoy living in Delaware. It's a great town with a lot of resources. I haven't talked about this much because things have been up in the air for many months, but Ryan and I are trying to buy a house here in Delaware. While there are not many plans beyond school here in Ohio, we know that we will be here at least for the next five years, but most likely beyond that. We have some great friends and I we are hoping for opportunities present themselves when they are most needed.

Anyways, like I said things have been busy.