Friday, June 11, 2010


For the 5 days I have been dealing with one of the worst cases of cold or flu I've had in a long long time.   It started with a sore throat Monday morning and continued to escalate with the usual symptoms (runny nose, cough, headache, fever, body aches) till late last night.  Finally on the down swing of things I believe.  I'm hoping that after I recover from this I will feel well for the next little bit.

It's been about 2.5 years since I learned that I had fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.  I knew then it wasn't just my imagination that illnesses that were usually no big deal for average healthy people, were way worse for me.  I had known for a long time that unlike some people I could not afford to use "sick" days as personal or fun days, that I needed to save them up because I would always need them because I would always get sick.

Does having this knowledge make spending the week in bed any easier?  No, not really.  But it does give me a little bit of comfort to know that I'm not a wimp, or that I'm not exaggerating when I can't get out of bed because of the common cold.  I just have to take these things as they come, and enjoy my healthy times.

After this past week I am really looking forward to some healthy times.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Dear Blog,

I've come to realize I've seriously been neglecting you lately and for that I am sorry.  You are a good friend for being patient and waiting for me to come around and update you.  This will happen again soon I promise.  But for now I just wanted to say hello and that things are going Ok.

The change in the weather has caused my fatigue to be almost unbearable, with the addition of the bedroom air conditioner it has improved slightly.  I am still attempting to finish up my school work for a semester that has been over for several weeks and I am determined not to fail.

In other news, looking forward to the summer.  There are family weddings planned and hopefully some visits with my wonderful niece and nephew.  They are both growing up so fast and I do not want to miss any more than I have to living so far away.

I will also be attending my 10 year high school reunion this summer, this is pretty crazy to think about.

My dear blog, I will leave you with a picture for your enjoyment until we speak again.  Here is a recently made frittata.

Yours truly,
Chrissy Joy