Monday, February 27, 2012

A Cautionary Knitting Tale

I would like to regale you with a cautionary tale of knitting needles and multi-tasking.

I've been crocheting now for about 5 years.  The apartment is often littered with crochet hooks as I work on different projects throughout the day.  In January I began knitting, which presents several challenges to this crocheter.  I am a perfectionist ONLY when it comes to my crafts.  I will tear out my creations many times before they are finished, and sometimes scrap projects all together, winding the yarn back into a ball.  This is more difficult for me while knitting and I have mostly just made practice items until my skills are of a higher quality.

Also, where in crochet you can create anything using a single hook.  In knitting you need at least a pair of needles and sometimes extra for things like cabling.  I've mostly been using my grandmother's knitting needles that I retrieved from my parents' basement.

Currently I am working on leg warmers on a new pair of circular needles.  I am making cables and using an extra double pointed needle to hold my stitches.  This is where my story takes a turn towards the strange and perhaps nauseating.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Items at Etsy

I've recently posted bunches of things on Etsy! Check them out here:

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

What I Made Today: Amigurumi Owl

I have been incredibly restless lately.  I have not been getting proper restorative sleep which is a common problem for those who live with Fibromyalgia.  Often when I feel like this, a lot of mental energy without the physical, I start to feel discouraged.  I feel like I should be contributing so much more than I'm currently capable of.

I thought that I would post something here today so I would feel that I had contributed.  I hope it at least makes you smile.

This little amigurumi owl came to me after Ryan's alarm had gone off and I had yet to fall asleep.  He hooted at me till I turned the light on and gathered the yarn I thought would be perfect for this project.  I rarely use patterns for anything.  I get more satisfaction out of paying attention to how the yarn responds to different combinations of stitches and shaping it whatever I am making.

My amigurumi owl is made out of 100% Peruvian wool with acrylic accents.  I love the rustic look the texture of the yarn creates.

I will certainly be perfecting my design and make more of these little guys.