Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mama Mimi's: Gluten Free Thursdays!

I've known about Mama Mimi's Take 'N Bake Pizza since I moved to Grandview in 2008.  It wasn't a place that received my patronage because by this time I was already living life sans gluten.  When Ryan began working at Gentile's Wine Sellers which shares a building with the Grandview Mama Mimi's location he began bringing pizza and breadsticks home for himself.  He also often came home smelling like dough and flour.  Although I've never been a huge pizza fan, I do like dough and cheese.  My brother-in-law who use to own a pizzeria makes a mean garlic white pizza, and I was beginning to miss it just a little.

A few weeks back Ryan came home from work and informed me that Mama Mimi's was going to have Gluten Free Thursdays.  They had worked hard to find the appropriate dough supplier and did research into what exactly the best gluten free practices were when it came to cross contamination.  They developed a process of using separate sauces and gloves for their gluten free options in hopes of keeping any kind of exposure to a minimum.  Keep in mind though, it is ultimately a place where they make dough, and the guarantee of no contamination just can not be made.

The dough.  Ryan had tried once to make a me a gluten free dough, and it really wasn't anything special, more of a conduit for toppings than anything else.

Mama Mimi's has found a supplier that has for the most part gotten the gluten free dough process right.  It is organic.  It is thin and chewy.  What it is lacking is the brown crispy bottom that traditional dough can achieve.  I have had the most success putting it in the oven at room temperature, the edges at least get crispy and enjoyable.

The ingredients.  Each pizza is made to order with the freshest of ingredients.  They have a large menu with a variety of toppings that you can pick yourself as well as a selection of specialty pizzas that they have designed for their establishment.  They have several different sauces including homemade tomato, as well as a pesto.  I personally have my crust brushed with an olive oil, basil, garlic base before my toppings are added.

Locations, hours, ordering.  Mama Mimi's have several different locations throughout central Ohio including: Clintonville, Powell, Arlington, Grandview, Westerville, as well as Dayton.  The hours vary by location and day.  You can find the locations, hours, and contact information on their website.  You can phone in your orders and now you can even order online from their website.

The picture above is today's pizza.  I dug into it before even thinking about taking a picture.  It had olive oil, basil, garlic base with ham, onions, mozzarella, fetta, and banana peppers.  Tasty tasty.


Yes, it's been ages since I've written last.  Funny thing: real life seems to be getting in the way of my once prolific online life.  I no longer hang on ever Tweet and blogging seems to have taken a back seat.

All of this is good news.  I like being out and about and exercising my critical thinking skills back in the classroom.  However I have missed it and have been rolling ideas over in my head about my writing plans for this summer.

I have a lot of passions and you know that already.  One of the things I'm leading towards though is starting to write reviews and information about Gluten Free dining options and product reviews in Columbus Ohio.  I think it will give me a slight focus without taking away from other interests.  And I think there are things that need to be said about this wonderful city and how it is becoming more and more GF friendly.

So for my first post, I'm going to let you all know about Mama Mimi's pizza and their Gluten Free Thursdays!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Sorry for the Absence

While I'm finishing up my first semester back in grad school I've been relatively absent from the blogosphere.  I have lots of ideas on what I will be writing about when I get back, so stayed tuned for updates.

Columbus is starting to buzz with a lot of great gluten free foods, so I will let you know about them
Ryan and I will be brewing our first batch of gluten free beer very soon.
I want to start adding product to my etsy store.
And I plan on taking more photos this summer, and hopefully doing some painting.

Right now I'm treading water and attempting to move forward academically, the outcome is sketchy at the moment, but I should know how things will look soon.