Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not a good day?

Is it ok for me to say that.  Sometimes I don't feel like it is.  I'm going to this program, and it is suppose to help, right?  But instead I just feel like I'm being torn down and no one is helping build me back up.  

I'm not talking about the staff at the hospital, they are wonderful.  But as I self reflect, I tear down everything I've done, and everything that I've felt, and I don't know how to rebuild.  

When I was in New Orleans touring the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, the woman who was giving us the tour had just had the plumbing finishing in her rebuilt house.  She referred to the rebuilding as bringing up.  And it was a community effort to bring up a house.  It wasn't done a lone.

I KNOW I have a community out there, but I don't know how to use my actions and words to bring them together to bring me up.  I'm so far down, and I feel like the hurricane is still raging. Those are just thoughts today though.  Maybe tomorrow will be different.

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Anonymous said...

Try watching a video that makes you laugh or at least smile and read some old chrysalis letters or something positive and remember that you are loved by many people. Hugs, Penny