Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hello Loneliness

Loneliness, what does it actually look like?  Is it one person in a room by themselves?  Does it have a length of time that it lasts?  Is it always negative?  Can loneliness mean anything good?  Does it mean you are alone?

What can we do with this loneliness?
  • Read a book
  • Call a friend
  • Make plans for vacations (real or imaginary)
  • Plant a garden
 Everyone finds, at one time or another, that they are alone (lonely), maybe even in a room full of people.  But, I say, break those walls down and do not become a slave to loneliness.  With a smile at a stranger the loneliness may disappear.

Whatever you do, do not let the loneliness you feel now effect the next moment of your life.  

Our lives are defined by what we allow in or push out!  So put up those shields, gather your defenses, do not let loneliness infiltrate any part of you!!

When we break the bonds of loneliness we can change the world.  It may be
 by one flower garden at a time.  But that flower garden provides beauty to all who see it.  Beauty becomes an agent of change.  Beauty inspires action and action is one of the farthest things from and most contradictory to loneliness.

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Anonymous said... meet a person with a sad, angry or non expressive face and to say good morning to them and have them smile back at you is great way to start the day. I try and remember this as I enter the Anderson center on the way to the pool. After several days, when we meet, they sometimes smile first...just an observation love you mom hugs