Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bursting at the Seams

I really can't believe how much  my life really has been like a roller coaster ride.  I've had many experiences over the years that I'd rather not live at this particular moment, but right now after a few rough days at day program, and an overwhelming urge to sleep everyday at 2pm, I am at the top of the hill.  

Mom will be coming into the Columbus airport soon.  She should have been here at 4:30, then 7ish, now it looks more like a little after 9.  I have a a whole lot to say about the airline companies and airports these days, but I won't say it here. 

I'm bursting at the seems to see her, I saw her last in August, but considering how life has been going lately, it's been too long.  I may not have much to say over the next week because I expect to be spending time with her!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe we can look forward to some pictures from her visit on you blog later on. Hugs, Penny