Monday, December 01, 2008

$20 Challenge

A few weeks ago Pastor Jason at Terra Nova challenged our congregation to change the world with $20.  What he meant by this, was instead of taking a large Christmas collection from the church and donating it to one organization or another, we would each take $20 and see how we could make a difference.  He encouraged us to join forces with our life groups, or our neighbors, and perhaps do something larger than just one person could do with $20.  

At first Ryan and I had some grand ideas of raisi
ng money for one of my favorite organizations, Heifer International.  But as reality sank in, Ryan didn't really have the time, and I'm not sure if I have the energy to devote to the large scale project we were planning.  Ryan is working hard at finishing up his masters degree in entomology, which takes up a very large portion of time.  I am very proud of him for this, so we decided to go our separate ways in the challenge.  

I am not sure what Ryan will be deciding on doing with his $20.  But I mentioned my latest project last week about Warm Up America.  I will continue to work on that project and hope to have at least one afghan done by December 14th which is when our challenge is to be completed.  $20 can buy a lot of yarn, so I hope to make some baby afghans as well as hats with some left over yarn from my afghan.  But that might have to wait till after the holidays.  The biggest focus now is getting 49 7"x9" squares done in 2 weeks.  I will be posting pictures of my progress, and pictures of the completed project.  I foresee the most difficult part of the project will be joining all the squares together to from the afghan.
Here is a photo from my first week of working on the project.  I already have a few more squares I made after taking this picture last night. 

And they are not actually squares, they are rectangles, but don't tell anyone.  


Pastor Jim said...

That sounds like an excellent plan:)I am sure as cold as it is here in Ohio that there will be a great need for everything that you are making!

Anonymous said...

Love the colors of the squares, it will be bright and cheerful as well as warm. Anything I can to to help you or Ryan? Can't wait to see the finished product. love you xoxoxoxo mom hugs

Ginger said...

Great idea! I wish I would have known. . I donated a bunch of yarn that was all odd and ends to Goodwill this fall. I love to knit, and blankets can take a while, but don't feel pressure. . . it'll stay cold here for a long time, and people always need blankets.

Ginger Gibson