Sunday, December 14, 2008

Silly Chrissy

I am home again from church this Sunday pinned down by a cat.  Life with Fibromyalgia isn't easy, but it doesn't get any easier when you do stupid things that cause you to fall on your face.  My head hurts, and this is what my nose looks like. 
You should see the other guy. It actually looks a lot worse in person. So I shall entertain you with news from the treehugging Christians.  More on Advent later today.

I found this website thanks to a great pastor friend.

The Network Alliance of Congregations Caring for the Earth (NACCE) is an ecumenical, volunteer-run, non-profit organization established in 1986 to encourage the many strands of Christian tradition in the work of healing the damaged earth.

Earthkeeping News is a weblog of news, articles, quotes, calls-to-action, creative writing and other resources related to ecology, spirituality and Christianity.

The Headline Story is of specific interest to me as I have been watching Richard Cizik for awhile and will be interested in what his next move will be.  Here is a short snippet of the post.

Richard Cizik, the Vice President for Governmental Affairs for the National Association of Evangelicals, resigned this week upon the request of the Board.  It seems his interview with Terry Gross of National Public Radio, was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Rich has been the subject of controversy ever since he began in recent years to push the NAE’s political focus beyond the traditional issues of abortion and gay marriage to something more vaguely relevent to progressives, especially global warming.

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