Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Latest Popeye

Popeye has been being his regular cat self. He's been spending a lot of time in the window watching birds, and the wind moving the branches on the trees. He's also recently been banished from the bedroom at night, doctor's orders so I can get a better night sleep.  
However, we get to spend a lot of quality time together and recently Ryan caught some of those moments on the camera.  
From 2009
From 2009

From 2009
From 2009


judyschoon said...

Popeye is soooo cute...he makes me smile hugs

Renee said...

What an adorable cat!~

ry said...

That's my boy!

Penny Reid said...

Nice photos!!!

Chrissy Joy said...

He's the best cat ever!

judyschoon said...

In that last picture, it looks like Popeye is actually laughing with you :) hugs