Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Video Editing

I edited my first real video last night.  This is for Ryan's masters seminar.  I wanted him to narrate but he said he was just going to do it during the presentation.  So there is no sound.  In some of the actual sound of the video, Ryan said some not nice words, so hence, no sound at all.  

It's a spider drinking:

I would love to have a really nice video camera some day, it's why I got my awesome computer to begin with.  For it's ability to edit photos and video.  However, I need more RAM and the photo program I want to do anything with photos.  If anyone out there wants to increase my artistic ability.  I'm accepting donations.


Pastor Jim said...


That was actually quite remarkable, You have a real talent for art. I will look forward to seeing more!

Chrissy Joy said...

Like I said Jim, I'm taking donations.

Penny Reid said...

Wow - that is so cool. Wish I was a grant writer and could fund your career. Maybe a bunch of small donations will help, anyway. Hugs

Chrissy Joy said...

Grant writing is one of the skills I'd like to acquire, from some school or another. Just as a note, I did not take the video, Ryan did.... I just made it look like not such a mess.

ry said...

Yeah, the unedited verison is pretty funny... I am a bit unsteady.