Friday, December 19, 2008


It's been great being at home since Tuesday, or at Ryan's family's farm anyways.  It's snowing and it's beautiful.  I will try to take some pictures soon, but I'm not feeling really well today.  Recovering from the excitement of my birthday.  

I'm sitting here talking with Ryan's brother Glenn about future plans and what we see ourselves doing.  He's a sophomore at Shippensburgh University majoring in geo-environmental sciences, which I think is awesome.  He's also a javelins star and we are hoping he will be attending the NCAA National Championships again this year.

Our future plans have a lot of intertwining desires.  He's very interesting in promoting good environmental practices and the like.  

Anyways, things are good here.  Trying to stay healthy and enjoy the farm.

The shitty thing about being home in PA (and really this isn't shitty at all) but every time I come home, I never want to go back to OH.  

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