Monday, January 22, 2007

Because I have poor sleeping habits

I don't always sleep during night time hours. So every once and awhile (especially since winter has set in) I like to get up and look out the front door to see what is going on outside.

I just did this, and flipped on the porch light momentarily and flipped back off. Realizing I could see better with it off, I gazed out into the filed in front of our apartment. If you've never been to our place, it's actually quite lovely with a lot of nature around.

I could see in silhouette against the maintenance barn light 4 deer walking along the road. It was really quite spectacular. They just walked single file about 5 feet away from each other, every once and awhile bending their heads down to the ground as if they were looking for food. I'm sure when I turned on the porch light I must have disturbed them, so I didn't get to see what they had been doing just before I intruded on their evening stroll. But I felt lucky, that at that particular moment in time I was able to glimpse into God's Creation without interruption of the daylight and the people that are always around.

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