Thursday, January 04, 2007

My birthday!

As promised I will now write about turning 25.
My birthday was December 18th, and now feels like it's been months since I celebrated. It was fairly uneventful and I received some useful things from my family.

Ryan and I left Ohio at about 11:30 pm on the 17th and drove over night. My mom knew I would be arriving about the time that she was leaving for water aerobics, so she waited a few extra minutes and as she was driving up the hill, we were coming down. So she knew we were home safe and sound and was able to exercise without worry.

Ryan and I had something to eat and slept till about noon, when my mom was back from aerobics and showered and all. Then I got to open PRESENTS! I love presents, I love giving and receiving. It's the anticipation of what is wrapped in the box in front of you. If you are giving, you are hoping that the receiver will like and appreciate the thought that went into it. If you are receiving you are hoping that it's something that you will really use. Needless to say I did get something I could use. I got a ice cream mixer attachment for my Kitchen Aid, which I have wanted since the wedding. And I got a new Adidas duffle, it's red with white lettering. Go Bucks! My old bag was bright orange and I wrote Schoonover and Tunkhannock on one end of it and it's very beat up. I guess Mom uses it from time to time, but I'm so glad to have a new one.

My Mom didn't bake me a cake for a whole week after my birthday. I was kind of hurt, but she finally did it. I told her it wasn't that I was upset I didn't get a birthday cake, it as just that I really wanted a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. It's one of the only times of year that I eat cake.

But that was about it for my birthday. Worked on a paper a bit and rested.

Now I need to go sort coupons so I can go grocery shopping later...Look out Giant Eagle, here I come!

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