Wednesday, January 10, 2007

There is snow on the ground.

It's 4am here in Delaware Ohio and we have a nice soft layer of snow covering the grass and cars. The sidewalks and roads do not have any accumulation and the snow will most likely be gone by morning. I should be sleeping, but because of my poor living habits I am awake, tired, but awake. Of course I wouldn't be able to enjoy this special time if I was sleeping.

Since moving to Ohio I have not seen much snow. It mostly rains here, which sucks when the temp is almost freezing. I don't have much to say it being so early in the morning and all, just wanted to share with you the info about the snow.

I have lots of stuff going on in my head and I will most likely write about it soon, specifically about how my science friends don't all get religion and how my religion friends don't really understand me when I talk about environmental stewardship. I think I'm going schizo. But that is all for now.

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