Monday, January 29, 2007

The old title is back

So, I couldn't come up with anything better for my blog title. Plus my good friend Jim tells me that Ohio is definitely the midwest. I changed the tag line however, because that's really what I want to see this blog become. There will be a large spattering of daily life, but my daily life is being more and more focused on environmentalism.

New project: Brought to you through the ideas of Dr. Linda Mercadante. Hopefully available soon will be paper recycling bins for each regular garbage can in individual offices on campus. This might take a few weeks, but it will be happening.

I have a meeting with President Jay Rundell on Thursday, we will be discussing the environment and it's implications for MTSO.

Classes started today. My first class will be tonight at 6:30. It is World Religions and it is taking place over at the Catholic seminary. Should be a good time, there are several MTSOers that will be there, including some of my favorites like Michele and Tim.

I haven't really talked much about my weekend. I went to a Christian concert on Friday. While I'm not really interested in contemporary Christian music, I had a pretty enjoyable time. The message that the speaker gave was very appropriate and moving. Steven Curtis Chapman was my favorite. And I had the opportunity to sign up to sponsor an orphan through Holt International, who I've referenced in the previous post.

Saturday was a completely lazy day. Ryan and I spent time together, I did some dishes, and then I made potato pancakes, which were awesome.

Sunday Ryan and I attended a new church here in Delaware, it's called Terra Nova "New Ground for your spiritual journey." Ryan said it reminded him of the Kind Cafe in Selinsgrove, which he said wasn't a bad thing. They had coffee, and everyone wore jeans, and they read from their Bibles. I enjoyed it. There was a lack of gender inclusive language, but I feel that it wasn't intentional. We will return this week to get use to the setting and see how we feel about it.

I suppose that's all for now.

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