Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Jeremiah 36

I just turned around from my computer to see my husband standing in the middle of our living room holding his Bible. While happy to see him using it, I was a little perplexed at the choice of position to study scripture. When he got done reading he filled me in on what he was doing, and it's a good observation.

Dave Horn, a professor at OSU, Maggot coach, and friend, commented today that God has commanded us to back up our files. Most lab folks were pretty confused, and he urged them to look it up in Jeremiah 36...also commenting to Ryan that he thought I'd appreciate it.

While not necessarily a command it is an interesting passage giving good reason to make more than one copy of our writings. When God tells Jeremiah to write all the words thatt God has spoken and show them to the people of Judah as a warning, he does so but the king burns the scroll and God tells Jeremiah to do it again. Think of allt he work he could have saved if he simply would have backed it up on jump drive or CD...... Look it up, it's a good lesson.


Timothy said...

It's a problem I deal with daily at work... lots of videos that need to be backed up just in case the machine goes "bzzt!" (which it did 2 years ago). My problem is that I have about 2 teryabytes of space... that's like a kajillion (a real number I believe) pieces of data... so I don't really have a place to back it all up. Yet I do a lot praying to make sure it all stays where it's supposed to for now! It's a good thing the bible is written and not recorded on video. However something tells me if video technology did exsist back in biblical times, everyone would complain that the book is better than the movie and the director would be overlooked for an Oscar because the current academy didn't like him because he was a newcomer. Am I rambling? Did any of that make sence?

Chrissy Joy said...