Friday, February 09, 2007

After yesterday

So I've heard from several people about yesterday's rant. All in all it had to be said. I feel better and have accomplished many things over the past two days.

I would just like to comment that the previous post has no reflection on the nature of MTSO as a whole. I love this place and feel very blessed to be here. In no way would I like to create bad publicity for my wonderful school and that is not what I was intending to do.

I do however think people need to wake up and realize how their everyday actions affect the environment and other human beings. This includes not only taking steps that are environmentally friendly, but also being aware of the way humans are treated in the process of getting consumer goods into your hands.

Lately there has been talk about steps the Walmart company is taking to become sustainable, but how are they treating their employees. Does this new "green" outlook take into account providing a living wage and the people working in the sweatshops that their products are made in.

So while my main concern is for that of the environment and what is happening to it, you CANNOT over look your fellow human beings.

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