Thursday, February 01, 2007

busy busy

Extremely busy in my first week of school.

This semester I am taking World Religions at the Pontifical College Josephinium, Hebrew Bible, and Church History II. I have tons of reading to do, but it should be an EXCELLENT semester.

I'm especially excited about the Hebrew Bible class. I think the Hebrew Bible is an amazing place to start talking about the environment. To begin with Genesis 1 is where humans are granted dominion over creation, and it's great to discuss the theological and ecological implications. All those laws and guidelines give pretty good explanation of how we are suppose to treat the earth and the Psalms say some pretty spectacular things.

Our first CEEN meeting is Wednesday, be looking for a huge amount of environmental discussion. It will be an ecological smackdown!

Suppose to be SUPER cold this weekend, but it's all ok, warm blanket and my sweatpants!

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