Tuesday, February 20, 2007

always busy

Most of my recent posts have been brief and to the point. That is because I've been busy as all get out. But when someone comes up to me and says they read my blog, it gives me inspiration to write more. So I thought I would do some updating on how things are going in my life and get some things off my mind.

Last week we were off of school because of snow, and now this week it is melting like crazy, causing ALOT of wetness. I like it though, I'm a fan of weather in general. Which brings me to my next point.

Weather has nothing to do with the climate. What I mean by that is just because last week was cold and would be what we consider "normal" winter weather for this area, by no means does it rule out climate change. The activity of daily weather is so unpredictable that it does not say anything about the condition of our environment in one weeks time.

I got an internship at the Stratford Ecological Center, which I'm really looking forward too. I'll be teaching kids about sustainable agriculture and working outside everyday. I also have an interview for a more permanent job there tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed.

I have had my first invitation to speak to a church about global warming. I am very excited as this is where I am feeling called in my ministry. I have a lot to do before March 11.

The plans for my rally are coming a long nicely and I've reached a kind of state of rest as far as major planning goes. It will kick back up in the next few weeks. My other projects outside of school work are moving along slowly, but I have not lost hope and am still looking at them as turning out positively.

So I suppose that is all for now. Peace.

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