Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Right now I am trusting my doctors.  Yesterday's rheumetologist appointment went fairly well.  I am being told that even though I seem to be experiencing new symptoms, it still all goes back to my fibromyalgia diagnosis.

I am trusting my doctors.  I am trusting they have ordered the right tests, that they have read the results of those tests correctly, and they have acted accordingly.  This is a tremendous amount of trust.

Trust can be hard.  I don't want to be sick.  I don't want to feel like this.  But I trust my doctors that they are prescribing the right medicines, and that their advice is appropriate.

The most recent news: the new symptoms I'm experiencing and the biggest problems I am facing are because now that I have begun to control most of my pain, other symptoms are presenting themselves that were under the pain before.  So, more pills, more advice on how to adjust, more hope, and more trust.

I pray daily for my doctors, for their insight, for their guidance and for my trust in them, that they are doing the right things.  


Renee said...

Sounds like good news that your pain is better under control and it sounds like you are doing all you can, Chrissy. Trusting your doctors is important in your relationship with them. It sounds like they listen well to you too and that is so important. I would add in the scheme of things that you trust your own intuition too. That inside voice that God blessed you and you alone with.
Gentle hugs

Penny Reid said...

Good for you for praying for your doctors - I am sure they need it. I pray that your trust is in good hands. Hugs, Penny