Saturday, October 18, 2008


So, it's Saturday and I've had some really meaningful things that I've been meaning to say.  They probably won't happen today.  With the change in weather, I've been feeling particularly crappy.  Strange aspect of my chronic illnesses number 37:

For some reason, with everything that has gone on in the past year, I seem to bruise much easier that I ever have before.  Combine this with the way I'm always slightly off balance, and it's not a good combination.  Today besides nursing the same headache and body aches, I am dealing with a bruised ankle, bruised thigh, and a bruised inner elbow.  I only know of the origin of the bruise on my thigh.  It's pretty simple actually, I run into the end of the bed every time I walk past it.  So I have almost permanent bruises on both legs at the height of the awesome bed Ryan's dad made for us last Christmas.

That's about all I have going on, the Buckeyes play at 3:30.

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