Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Without Power

Much of Columbus has been without power since Sunday afternoon. There are no real indications of when the power will be turned back on, but we are coping. I've had a few high pain days, and without heating pads and ice it's been a little tough.

I did however have a good doctor's appointment today. She reaffirmed that I am indeed actually ill and that we will get it all worked out.

(This was reassuring after the whole bad dr. thing last week. I spent the whole week wondering if I had done something wrong as a patient!! What a horrible feeling, and not at all the way it should be.)

I will have an appointment with another specialist in the beginning of November. Meanwhile I have a new medication to try, and I bought myself a book. The book I picked was what I saw as the least of the "miracle cure" type books, and actually seemed to describe fibromyalgia as a chronic illness.

In other news, with having the power out and not being in school I've started to do a little theological reading everyday. Who would have though?! It's so much easier when it is not required, and it surely will inform my formal education process when it begins again.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tine, on the reading...way to go. Who would have thought, is right. Glad you are enjoying it. Your doctor seems to be doing her best and is definately staying with you on this...good for her !!! I pray every day that those negative emotions don't take hold of your spirit which has always been sweet and joyful. I love you xoxoxoo mom