Thursday, August 14, 2008

Now That's Something You Don't See Everyday

So like I've said, I've been having these wonderful conversations with my nephew Johnny. This week he is participating in Camp Invention, and he is soaking all these great skills up, ie. problem solving, creating.

Yesterday was "bad hair day" but because of his short blond hair there isn't much on that front to make it all so bad. So in the car the conversation turned to my hair. Before he has called my dread locks, funny weird, and crazy. But he never actually knew what they were called. So I explained that my hair style was called dreadlocks.

Without missing a beat he says "Now that's something you don't see everyday."

I suppose I am something you don't see everyday. You (the reader) recognize that in me, or at least I percieve that you do. If I'm lucky, I will always be something you don't see everyday.


Sarah said...


I'm glad to see you posting again--I was just thinking the other day that we hadn't heard from you in a while.

Take care of yourself.

Ryan said...

Well, you used to be something I see everyday... not so much lately, but looking forward to your return!