Monday, August 25, 2008

Mountain Top Removal

Mountain top removal makes me sad. I am actually sitting here almost crying just to think about it.

The worst part is, it's so easy to not think about. I live in central Ohio where there isn't a whole lot going on mountain wise. Just a few hours away however mountains are being blown up for cheap coal. This process isn't just destroying beautiful mountains, but are polluting the waters of the communities that exist within them.

I always get so frustrated when I'm reminded of how insufficiently I am think about not just my impact on the environment, but what others are doing as well. Especially when it can be stopped.

I'll be posting some information on my blog for you all to learn a little more about mountain top removal and hopefully spread the word. In the meantime go here:

Think about how you would feel if your favorite mountain disappeared.

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Matt said...

I had no idea, honestly and stupidly, that this was going on. It IS a sad thing. God put those mountains here and they do not grow back like the trees do. Once those tops are gone, thats it, they are gone.

I went to the site and noticed its pretty much all West Virginia and that area being affected. WV is such a great mountain territory too, I love driving through there just for the scenery.