Wednesday, February 23, 2011

#4- Get a Crochet Hook Tattoo

My list got off to a good start when I learned to spin wool and the next day I completed another item on my list.  I have other tattoos, so this wasn't a first time experience, but it was something I had been thinking about for awhile.

I had put the word out to the Twitter crowd that I was looking to get another tattoo and asked for artist and studio suggestions.  I settled on Sweet Baby Octane simply because I had both heard good things about it and it is in the neighborhood.

Last Tuesday Ryan and I had gone in to see about meeting and artist and getting an appointment.  To get in with a good artist one often has to wait up to 6 weeks for an appointment so I wasn't expecting to get my tattoo right away.

I had the crochet hook with me that I felt best represented the size and shape that I wanted my tattoo to be and showed it to D.  I chose a size J hook because it is the one I work with the most and it seemed to be the perfect size for my forearm.  I had arrived at the shop at just the right time because there had been a cancellation for Friday.  I was pretty stoked that he could fit me in so quickly and was really looking forward to it.

D is not only a great artist, but a really great guy.  My tattoo was not too complicated so we did not spend a lot of time together, but he's a guy I totally could see myself hanging out with.  Both of my previous tattoo experiences were OK, but I was a little uncomfortable with the artists' personalities.  The first guy was a butthead (which is the nicest way to put it) but I am sure he thought he could be, being one of the only artists in a small college town.  When I got my second tattoo the guy was a hell of an artist but barely spoke at all, so I sat for over four hours in almost complete silence.

D was so easy to chat with and also efficient at his craft.  Although my design was not large or complicated it still required a good amount of straight lines which are incredibly difficult.  He completed my design and made it look easy.  The studio was incredibly clean and totally comfortable, and I was in and out in under an hour.  I will totally be going back to him for future work and I would totally recommend him to anyone looking for an artist.

I tried to wait till I had healed to post a picture, but I'm getting anxious and it's still not that pretty to look at.  So you only get a small peek at what it will look like.  Once it is healed I will come back and post a higher quality picture.

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