Saturday, January 29, 2011

Featured Creation: Mohair Ruffle Scarf

Although I am proud of all my creations, sometimes I work on a project that especially excites me.  A few weeks ago, after my first large yarn shopping trip of the year (Yarn Heaven) I had a kind of yarn before me that I had never worked with before.  Most of my ideas come from feel and color. I am an incredibly tactile person, and when I enter a yarn store I feel my way through the store picking colors and textures that jump out at me.  The colors I had in mind that particular day were reds and pinks in preparation to create some Valentine themed items.

When my hands rested on this soft ball of mohair, I had to give it an extra squeeze.  I've been working mostly with wool, which can be soft but the mohair felt downright luxurious.  I settled on this red color with a tinge of purple along the strand of yarn.

I knew for my first effort with this new yarn a simple scarf would be best.  Although mohair is light and airy it is deceptively durable and warm.  It also required a fairly large hook to crochet up like I desired it to.  So I began with a K for the foundation chain, I knew I wanted it to be ruffled so I overloaded the foundation chain with double crochets.  After I had the first few rows of double crochets I found a hook I had been looking for in one of the bookshelves, so I then began the next row with a size N hook.  This gave me the texture and look I desired for the scarf.

When I felt that the scarf had the desired width (and ruffle of course) I added a shell lace border to the edge.

To finish off the scarf I've attached a button hole on the inside of the scarf, and I will be attaching a button onto the other side.

I really like this button I found and was excited to see it match so well.  I am on a campaign to bring back the button.  You heard it here first.

When finished it will be able to be worn button or unbuttoned.  I had a snag when I went to sew the button on and need to find a needle with a smaller eye before I can finish it up.  I expect it to be for sale in my Etsy store on Monday.

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