Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Heating Buddies

Besides having an incredibly warm husband, and a cat who likes to keep close, I have a few things that I keep nearby during the chillier months. The cold really effects my joints and muscles. Also in the last two year I have been way more sensitive to temperature changes and my body does not adjust as well as it use to. This means I am often very very cold. So I made some aids to help with this, my rice sock buddies.

What I did was fairly simple, pulling the idea from many store bought items as well as advice from others who have fibromyalgia. Penny asked me to post some instructions, and she's not the first person do so now that the weather is getting chilly, so here they are.

Take a longer sock, tube socks work well. I used a pair of wool socks that didn't fit Ryan or I the way we would like so they are SO SOFT.

Fill the sock with uncooked rice. If you want something firmer put more rice in it, or if you want it to conform to your body and joints use less rice. Leave enough room to tie off the top.

Tie the top of the sock in a knot, or if you feel inclined run some stitching across to sew it shut.

To warm it place in the microwave and heat for one minute. Flip over and heat for another minute. Two minutes in total. WARNING: The rice inside can get very very hot so please monitor the time you heat as well as the areas you are placing your sock. Like any heating pad, you can get burns.

You can also keep a sock in the freezer if you have need for a cold pack.

If you are looking for more of an aromatherapy experience you can add scents to your rice before filling the sock. Place rice in a air tight container and add essential oils or spices and keep covered overnight before filling sock.

Obviously do not wash the sock with the rice inside, but you can empty it out to put through the wash if sock gets stinky.

Stay warm!

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