Tuesday, May 26, 2009


During this time of struggle that I've been having physically, emotionally, and mentally I am constantly exploring the possibilities of the future.  What am I going to be capable of accomplishing and will I ever have a career.  I've explored writing and yoga, I've entertained the notions of finishing school and continuing on with an education in a completely different field like nursing, and I've continued my passions for the church and environmental education.

One new thing that I've really become interested in, which almost seems a little shallow, but plenty of people make this the focus of their lives is entertainment. I've been enjoying TV, movies, and other forms on media mostly online.  As someone who never watched a lot of television as a young person, or even as an adult, until I was unable to get out like I wanted to.  I've really taken interest in the imagination behind the writing and creation of good entertainment, as well as the talent for the people who bring these things to us.

Below is a clip of one of my new favorite shows that I enjoy on hulu.  It is amazing technology, with a great imagination, and some fantastic philosophical and psychological aspects. 

Some people might scoff at the idea of being so into television and the media, and perhaps I've been one of those people in the past.  But it really is a creative outlet for me right now, a release, and a way to forget about how much I'm hurting, and just enjoy myself.  I hope you can take some time to enjoy yourself too.

I hope to write some reviews about my favorite shows in the near future.  As well as make some commentary on the different kind of personalities you may find in entertainment writing.

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Renee said...

I am very thankful that I enjoy TV Chrissy Joy as it does help distract me, keeps me entertained, educates me with scuh programs as documentaries, and brings laughter into my days..
It is a blessing for those who live with chronic illness and are mostly homebound.
Look forward to your reveiws.