Sunday, May 31, 2009

What I'm Watching- Eureka

Because Ryan and I have made the decision to not spend money on cable, I have been taking advantage of free online streaming on such sites as hulu, as well as spending a few dollars a month to rent dvds and have access to streaming through Netflix.

One show that I have been fond of over the last several months is Eureka.  Developed and produced by the SciFi network,   beginning in 2006 it is a show about a town full of super geniuses somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.   The stories are seen from the point of view of the sheriff Jack Carter who was a US Marshall until a wrong turn landed him and his daughter Zoey in Eureka. 

The characters are well played and I personally want every one of them to be my favorite character, I can never make a decision.  Colin Ferguson plays Sheriff Carter, like the rest of the cast he is not known for many larger roles but has been in the business for over a decade.  As the sheriff he is always getting the town out of the big messes they find themselves in with his common sense and wit.  As a person who values common sense I find this part of his character very endearing.  

Carter's best friend and rocket scientist Henry is played by Joe Morton.  Henry is always tinkering and is the one to explain the complicated science behind the towns problems to Carter.  The relationship between these two is enough reason alone to watch Eureka, not to mention the hilarity of the situations as well as the more serious and thought provoking moments. 

The series is filmed in British Columbia which gives a beautiful backdrop for the chaos that ensues.  The second half of the third season returns to SciFi on July 10th at 9pm. 

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