Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Super Crazy Weekend

This weekend proved to be an interesting one. At the same time I hate myself because I am seriously behind on all my work and stressed out. But here's how it went. Ryan and I went to a Bowling For Soup concert on Friday night at a bar called Flannigan's. It was an AMAZING concert, they played all my favorite songs, and their new album sounds like it is going to be great. They encouraged the crowd to sing along and they did. Seemed that everyone in there knew all the words. I honestly can't remember what order they played their songs in or which were the best. I just know Ryan and I had a great time, especailly singing "Ohio" in Ohio.
The bar was great too, we ate some food, drank some beer and chatted with some other concert goers. It was totally and over 30 crowd, which makes sense because the band is over 30. It just wasn't expected. This is when I realized that I would rather be in an over 30 crowd, people my age and younger tend to get cocky when in bars and at concerts. Most folks over 30 aren't trying to prove anything to anyone, which makes the show much more enjoyable for others. I spent the entire concert kneeling on a bar stool, which made my knees really sore the next morning.
Saturday, we got up early and went to the Ohio State/Indiana football game. OSU pretty much beat the pants of their opponents, but it still made for a great game. My favorite highlights were Pettrey kicking a 51 yard field goal that was perfect and my mand Teddy Ginn throwing a touchdown pass to Nicol. It was a beautiful day in the upper 50s with plenty of sun beating down on C deck. I know have a quite impressive sunburned racoon face.
After the game I changed into some concert going clothes and went to see the Indigo Girls with Michele and Jesse in downtown Columbus. I really didn't know much about the Indigo Girls and had a vague familiarity with their music, but I truley enjoyed myself. It helped that I was with two amazing girls who made the night wonderful. The opening band was different, but the lead singer was AMAZING and she even came on to sing some songs with the girls towards the end of the concert. The girls played for quite awhile and we didn't leave the concet till after 11. I had volunteered to be the DD, so I drove Michele's Honda around in circles until we found a bar called Wall Street that we got free passes to at the concert. The girl who handed us the passes advertised it as a Lesbian bar, but assured us that straight girls could go to. Teehee, it was fun to watch the look on her face when Jesse asked her if she had to be a Lesbian to go. After Wall Street, we headed to another bar that I had gone to with Michele one other time. It was completely dead and one woman insisted it was because of the Indigo Girls concert, to which we replied that we had been there. She then said that the football game probably had something to do with it, which I replied that I had been to the football game as well. Then everyone laughed at my sunburn.
Around 2 am we decided we needed breakfast and I drove Jesse and Michele on their first ever trip to Steak and Shake. It was yummy, I got home around 4 and slept wonderfully.
Sunday Sucked!! I'm so far behind on all my work and stressed out and really trying to get something done, but what is really happening is that I'm gettign nothing done. I wish I had pictures to post of the Indigo Girls or the football game, but I don't. I've posted a few from Bowling for Soup.

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