Friday, June 03, 2011

15. Participate in the Crawl for Cancer

Last weekend I participated in the Crawl for Cancer and it was a phenomenal success.

Crawl for Cancer is an event that raises money for life saving cancer research while having fun in a controlled and safe environment.  My team (we were pink and never really came up with a good name) visited 5 bars in 4 hours, socialized with other teams, and caused a general ruckus.

My main goal, besides donating some money to a great cause, was to spend time with some really great girls and have a fantastic weekend.  Those goals were achieved.

I totally stole this picture from Lina, I hope she doesn't mind. :)

Here is some of my team with our friend Linda (in red).  This was at the end of the tour while I was waiting for Ry to come pick me up and the other girls were heading out for some more fun.


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