Monday, May 26, 2008

Coping with the Pain

There are obviously a lot of challenges that come along with conditions like mine. One of the biggest is getting through the pain. Most NSAIDS and other pain medication do not work, and I have to rely on other ways of dealing with the extreme uncomfortable and often debilitating pain.

Today, I bought a cane. I played it over in my head, did I just want to use one of my trekking poles that are so beneficial for my able body while I'm hiking, did I want to carve something earthy out of wood, or should I just suck it up and deal with it and take the chance of losing my balance while walking about.

Ryan and I decided the best option would be a cane with a rubber tip to help with my balance and relieve pressure of of sore spots. It's blue and shiny and I'm going to deal with it. I think I have to.

Some of my other pain coping techniques have included sleeping with wool socks full of uncooked rice. By heating them in the microwave, they become heating pads to put on my sorest spots. I originally made on for being hot and one to keep in the freezer for cold, but they have both proved to be useful as hot pads while I am in bed at night.

One thing that has been heavy on my mind is how is this going to affect my love for animals, the outdoors, camping, and my general affection for the earth. I'm hoping to find ways to enjoy the same activities that I always have. Like I said I've already used trekking poles to aid in my hiking anyways, so it will not be a huge adjustment to use them on easier less intense hikes. And animals can be very therapeutic to those who need a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Also, I hope to not always be in the kind of pain I am in right now. I think a lot of the original shock was that this wasn't a sickness that I was going to get over, yet a condition that I was going to have to learn to treat. For 8 months now I've thought about getting better and all the things that I've wanted to do. Now those plans might have to change slightly. For instance, I don't think I'll be learning to box. However, I might get to do something I've always wanted to do, like becoming a proficient cycler and swimmer. These are two activities I enjoy but do not excel at. But because they are low impact I will be able to do them even when in some pain.

I needed to do some of that processing on this blog, as the last months have left me wanting someone to talk to. I hope that you will take time to learn about what people like me are going through. I've posted three new websites to the right. Check them out.

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