Monday, August 13, 2007


This spring people here at the seminary started the plans for a community garden on campus. After awhile it seemed that it wasn't going to happen, but in June a plot of land did get plowed and I put into motion what will hopefully become the Methodist Theological School in Ohio Community Garden. Only one other family participated in the project this year, but many showed interest and I'm hoping that it will develop into something next spring.

I mention this because I often talk about eating local foods, a practice that is EXTREMELY environmentally friendly. A lot of people in this area do not have the resources to grow their own food, however there are many other options to chose from, which I will discuss later.

After being away for a week Ryan and I adventure into the garden last night, which is mostly over grown with weeds, to see if there was anything worth harvesting. To our surprise some areas of the garden are doing fairly well. Our tomatoes are overflowing, our leeks and green onions are thriving, watermelons are small but getting bigger, and the pumpkins are blooming. Not everything is as prolific however, the corn almost didn't come up and some that did got chewed on. Beans are sparse and the potatoes are dead.

We picked the tomatoes that were ripe, four beans, a leek that could have used some more growing, and we dug up the potatoes that grew before plant death. This is what they look like.

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Stacey H. said...

Nice work, Bells! I hope you can find something good to do with all those maters!!!!