Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The End is Imminent

That's right. School starts MONDAY. As I see it, this situation has it's pros and cons. The care free days of summer are slipping away (CON). I am being given the opportunity to learn (PRO). I will have to forgo my recreational reading for required reading (CON). I am getting closer to obtaining my masters degree (PRO). I will have to write papers, attend classes, and participate in unpleasant discussions (CON). I will get to travel to India at the end of the semester (PRO).

It's no secret that in the past year I have not been a stellar student. Life often seems to get in the way of what I would ultimately like to achieve, as well as the fact that I am sometimes just lazy.:) I have been spending the last few days pondering how, this semester, I can become the student that I am meant to be. I have not received any answers, so if you have some insight on this feel free to drop me a line. I feel that only through determination, hard work, and prayer will I make it through. Hopefully the long hard journey will be worth it.

I will be doing my field education this year at Terra Nova Church where Ryan and I have been attending since January. It is an unpaid internship but I'm hoping to learn something. I'm also hoping to realize a little bit clearer what it is I'm being called to do.

In the next few months you should look forward to posts relating to my school work and internship. Hopefully we can all learn something together.

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