Tuesday, June 19, 2007

FEMA Trailer

FEMA Trailer, originally uploaded by pnkwoobie.

Until recently I thought a FEMA trailer was a trailer like you would find in a trailer park. However, my eyes were opened that these so called trailers are what I call a camper. The kind you take on vacation. Depending on where you are some of these trailers are fifth wheel types, and some look like the one above. But they are certainly not large enough to accomodate a family full time. This is the trailer of the Shehorn family. Mr. and Mrs. Shehorn were living in their double wide trailer with their son Charles who had bought it for them in their retirement. Since the storm, they have had to move in with their other son and family, while Charles is trying to live life in the governmet provided trailer. I don't think it has to be said, but going to the bathroom in this trailer is challenging... I experienced it. Can you imagine living your life in this trailer?

The Gulf Goast is dotted with these trailers, with entire families living in them. I drove past on lot that had two kids playing outside with a basketball, their trailer sitting on the empty concrete slab where their house use to be. These kids went from living in a house where they probably had their own rooms, to living in a trailer with their entire family. And their family was lucky they could stay on their property. Some families living in FEMA trailer parks, where each of these trailers are lined up against a fence with enough room to park a car between each. If they are lucky they have a picnic table or chairs outside, otherwise they live their lives in these trailers.

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