Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Graciously Reminded

As I was so graciously reminded by my Christian Ethics professor, I have not updated my blog in quite awhile. It's really quite embarrasing to have people come to my sight and not have updated in all this time, but FOLKS, i've been busy. Just wanted to give you a run down of what has been going on out here in Ohio.

I returned from Thanksgiving very ill, body and joint aches, and very fatigued. I went to the doctor that tuesday and they ran blood test, taking drawing close to half of my blood.... (not really obviously). Got news back yesterday, "All my tests were in normal limits." So I was out of commission for a week without any real results and still having some issues. But I'm back into action.

This weekend I had my first experience as a home brewer. Ryan and I spent an afternoon at the Van Tassels and brewed an IPA that should be ready around the time we return from Christmas Break, I'm so psyched.

Besides that fabulous activity not much is going on here, it's the Christmas season which means BIRTHDAY season. I will soon be entering my 25th year, w00t! We will be celebrating with manicotti at the Chordi house and then driving HOME!

Sitting between me and my birthday are 4 final papers, count them 1-2-3-4.... ARGH. Hello Library, Goodbye sleep.

I REALLY want to write something meaningful and good for the order of those who read this blog, however my brain is fried... so I will give you a topic to discuss amongst yourself.

Was the crucifixion of Jesus Christ neccessary for our salvation?


Matt said...

Before I bite...

Do you mean to ask if the Crucifixtion method of death itself was necessary or if his self sacrifice was at all necessary?

Chrissy Joy said...

Give me an answer on both.