Wednesday, November 15, 2006

White Castle Crave Case

So here I am in my Introduction to Christian Ethics and if I'm lucky I've had 3 hours of sleep last evening. I didn't get to sleep till 5 the last few nights... mostly because my body is SCREWED UP!
Besides my paper that I wrote this week I had a pretty impressive Friday night and I promised my Friday night companions that I would blog about it. It's slightly late, but sit back and enjoy.

I anticipated Friday night all week. Steve (aka Dr. Cool) did not have to teach so Science Club was promised to be exciting. We arrived at 6:45 and consumed our first barley based beverage under the happy hour price(this story is not about how much alcohol was consumed, but the quality of fun that was had). Over the course of the next several hours approximately 16 people attended Science Club, ate, drank, passed gassed, and left.

Slightly before 10:30 we gathered our things (darts, children, coloring books) and headed off to play darts at Byrnes (sans children and coloring books). However when we arrived there was a fantastic, but in the way Irish band playing. Onlookers were watching from tables in front of the dart boards, which could have put a whole new spin on the game. Present was B-Ruce, Matt, Ryan, Steve and I. We (read Drunk Matt and Pete) decided that we would head to another establishment where there was promised dart boards and popcorn. Ryan, Bruce and I waited for Bobby (who had promised his attendance) to arrive. After a fair amount of time and Bobby not arriving we moved on with a few detours and what not.

At arriving at this new establishment the "Pointe Tavern" I immediately noticed the absense of popcorn (which is always my favorite part of Friday evening.) The next few hours contained much of the same Friday night activities, beer, darts, farting, swearing, and did I mention beer. Besides our posse there was one noticable "Loud Girl" in the crowd and regular bar goers. At sometime close to closing time I entered a bathroom stall to find 20 BUCKS lying on the floor! It was an amazing moment for me and I secretly hope (not so secretly when I said it out loud to Steve and Ryan upon returning) that it had belonged to "Loud Girl."

Sometime after 2am we were forced to "CHUG" in a very irritating fashion and vacate the premises. Having promised Steve and Matt that we would take them home after Pete punked out on us, we all piled into the tiny Sunfire. Ryan as the DD for the evening, so needless to say Matt, Steve, and I were not very functional and we are all STARVING.

Out here amoung our friends (the Maggots) there is a legend of White Castle, in which it's SO GOOD, but only if you are drunk. So we headed over to a White Castle drive thru on High Street to find the line unbelievably long. Matt took several trips to pee on things, we all changed our minds a hundred times on what we wanted to eat, when we just decided to purchase a Crave Case and a diet Coke. For those of you who are not familiar with White Castle a Crave Case is 30 (yes 30) slider sized burgers, in our case cheese burgers. After about 45 minutes of drive thru glory Matt was so excited to get his food he opened the box upside down. We proceeded to Steve's.

By this time I SERIOUSLY had to pee and I was laughing so hard that I could not get out of the back of the Sunfire. After many tries of standing and falling back into the car I finally emerged and raced into the house with Dr. Cool to pee. When I was finished I returned to the front porch and the the boys were having a White Castle picnic. Probably 1/3 of the box was gone by that time, so I sat and ate. A number of short minutes later the box was gone and it was soooooo good. To recap 4 people ate 30 burgers in probably a period of 10 minutes.

The weather was so nice and it was amazing to just sit and chill on a front porch, something I probably hadn't done since college. Steve said he was going to tell his students about our escapades and they would never believe him.

So perhaps this was a gotta be there to even understand it moment, but it as pretty amazing. I pretty much live for Friday night.

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