Monday, November 06, 2006

Vote damn it!

Tomorrow is election day, please get out and have your voice count! While I do have my own opinions and ideals about what this country should be and who should be in office, that's not what this post is about. It is simply about being an American citizen and voting in this election.
Earlier this week someone told me that they don't vote in "little" elections, I almost punched her. Whether you live in Ohio or not, this election is not little, no election is little. Elections aren't just about who is going to be president, but about who is running your local government, who is representing you in the state house of representatives, and who is speaking for you in Washington... I don't see anything little about it.
So just do it...and make wise decisions. Don't vote for a candidate just because your spouse, your partner, you brother or your friend is voting for them, vote for a candidate because they are the candidate that you want to speak for you. There are many "hot button" issues out there like gay marriage and abortion, but their are so many other important things to consider like poverty (and don't forget the environment, that is important too)! Vote Damn it!

Here ends the rant.

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