Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I continue to progress on getting better. I'm talking baby steps, but it's wonderful.

Yesterday I went shopping at Pier 1 and bought new curtains for our bedroom along with a real curtain rod, as opposed to the white spring loaded ones we have now. I feel pretty class and I will take a picture of them when they get hung.

I also had several appointments, went to the grocery store, made dinner, and did dishes. I was exhausted last night and today, but it was worth it. Did some more dishes today and hope to be more active tomorrow.

I took pictures of dinner and plan on blogging about it soon.


judyschoon said...

Yea for wedding gift cards. See, you must have been saving that for just the right time when it would get you somthing and also make you feel good about being able to shop. You will enjoy the curtains this winter. Can't wait to see them. hugs

Pastor Jim said...

You still have gift cards from your wedding?? Oh my you have such restraint:) If I get a dollar in my pocket it's gone in a flash! I am impressed:)

Chrissy Joy said...

that's pretty much the last of it. we just didn't NEED anything and wanted to save it until we did.