Wednesday, May 23, 2007


So it's pretty much summer here in Ohio. Wildflowers are bloomed and gone, the garden is greening, my skin is satisfyingly brown (and slightly pink), and it's HOT.

With finals over, I've had slightly more time on my hands. Still spending my days at Stratford, I was able to go to Alum Creek after a hot day on the farm. Alum Creek State Park is about 10 minutes from our house and offers a fabulous swimming area on the lake. There was a large number of sailboaters and four swimmers doing laps in wetsuits. I didn't blame them, it was chilly, but it felt good to stick my feet into the water and bravely dunk myself enough to get my head wet.

So life is good and the weather is perfect. Looking forward to the summer, camping, softball, baseball, and beer.

I need to go shower and get the lake dirtiness off of me.


Sarah said...

But what about beekeeping??

Chrissy Joy said...

I haven't gotten to that part yet...i'll post more tonight.... It's a fun story.