Saturday, April 07, 2007

Yeah Staples

With all the school work that needs to be done, I also have a rally coming up in one week with much to do. Yesterday, with a day off from the farm I headed out to get some art supplies to paint a banner. I now know that Michael's does not sell banner or poster paper...which boggles my mind since they are a craft store after all. However I did get nostalgic for my cheerleading days when I bought several large bottles of tempera paint.

The nice British man that helped me at Michael's said I could find large rolls of paper at Staples, which sits only a few stores down the sidewalk.

When I walked into the store I was greeted by a nice man who took me directly to the paper I needed. I then decided I would look around, since I do enjoy office supply stores. What comes next was extremely exciting to me.

As I made my way through the office furniture, I came to the corner of the store where they sell coffee, candy, and paper products. This always strikes me as funny, but I understand that folks with a Staples account probably find it much easier to get this stuff here while they are picking up their office supplies. And after all every office needs toilet paper.

The toilet paper is what makes me excited. Every roll of toilet paper they sell there is made from recycled paper! I couldn't believe my eyes. Not only toilet paper, but also paper towels, and tissues. How fantastic?! The particular brand Staples carries is Marcal, which I've read good things about. When I'm out shopping and find something this great, I like to encourage the company and buy some recycled or environmentally friendly products.

I bought 48 rolls of recycled toilet paper for 23 bucks!! I also bought 3 boxes of tissues, but the price was pretty average. Needless to say, I will not need to buy toilet paper for quite some time. Shout out to Staples! Woot!

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Matt said...

aI love the look on a person's face when someone says, "recycled toilet paper"!

Incidentally, we’ve been using recycled toilet paper at Sky Lake for some time now! I just realized it a few weeks ago… It’s produced by the same company that makes Marcal, only it’s geared specifically for the hospitality industry. So not only is it more ecologically sound, but it’s also pretty inexpensive. FYI CVS brand t.p. is made from recycled paper too.